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Nike Huarache Cheap,Nike Air Huarache Outlet

Recently, Nike China's first flagship store Direct factory is also a second plant of its global flagship store opened in Guangzhou, lead many people flocked line shopping. This is precisely reflects the Guangzhou brand Direct factory stores are gradually entering the flourishing period, before a situation alone shop evolved into the now go into the city. Experts pointed out that the factory shop escalating bigger and stronger, which indicates that the collection of a large number of mainstream brands Direct factory shop Outlets (OUTLETS, namely brand outlet mall) will escalate into one of the main channels for retail, which kinds of commercial activities is taking a great leap forward in the rapidly emerging trend in China. It is understood that China did not get due to the direct supply of qualified foreign brands factory, it has been only to get supply through cooperation with agents or distributors. But apart from the dealer or distributor factory shop has great limitations, for example, can not have a large number of stable stocks.cheap air huarache, Today, in Europe and the general economic downturn, many international brands have the processing plant surplus country and export goods diverted to their chargeback's factory shop in order to quickly turn these goods into cash flow to survive. " winter. " In this case, today's factory store no longer belong to a factory, but do not belong to a particular agent, but direct store delivery operations by the brand. This means that fully "Direct" of the factory shop has the ability to transfer cargo worldwide, with more adequate and more stable supply, so the product style is more complete. Most of which are semi-seasonal products or products that year in the previous quarter, and there are more than 30% of the products are only sold in foreign, domestic absolutely no reproductions. IWC Outlets Xie Xudong told reporters that, as of mid-July this year, the venue of more than 100 international brands factory stores, more than 30 have completed the transition to direct marketing of, whether it is picking, or store management, are direct responsibility of the brand. The future of the stores will be in the direction towards the full development of Direct. Sports brand industry experts observed Mr. Zhang also believes that the upgraded factory stores all available directly from the brand, its main commodity, whether the seller canceled the order, the manufacturer of the product or to the quarter of a production line for special products, are Foreign rigorous quality control, high degree of quality assurance. NIKE is the world's leading sports brand, the English original intention of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, translated into Chinese. NIKE name, in the eye of the West was very lucky, and easy to read and easy to remember, can be called very loud. Nike trademark symbolizes the Greek goddess of victory wings of feathers,nike air huarache outlet, representing the speed, but also represents a dynamic and gentle. Nike Nike trademark, design is a small hook shape concise, anxious as lightning, to see people think of speed and power use after Nike sports goods produced. For the first time with "Nike" name sports shoes, shoes with square convex tablets to enhance the stability, both sides of the body of the shoe has a knife-shaped curved hook, a symbol of the goddess of wings. "Factory store" is a discount brand, "factory store" in the image, goods, price, service has its own characteristics, which superiority year price is its attractive Fuji magic. Ann Grain Traders Mall NIKE Nike Factory Store (Shanghai) Corporation outlets in Hefei, the business area of ??800m2, is the largest fashion Hefei factory store. The agreement was initiated by APEC member countries, New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and Brunei Shikoku, from 2002 began brewing a group of free trade agreements multilateral relations, including Vietnam currently has 11 members and Mexico countries. The agreement is part of the core of the tariff reductions that Member States 90% of goods exempt from customs duties immediately. The United States in 2013 to join the TPP negotiations, but because of continuing opposition in Congress, has failed to sign the agreement. Obama hopes to officially sign TPP agreement,nike air huarache for sale, the part of the OEM manufacturing jobs transferred back to the United States, he promised, "This will not only create more highly skilled in the market, high wage jobs, but also by reducing import tariffs reduced manufacturing Product prices. "" We express our support for President Obama pursued this trade initiative. "Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker, Nike's president, said," sign means that imports of footwear TPP agreement to reduce tariffs, which not only led to Nike products In terms of innovation business development, will further increase investment in order to promote the overall development of the US manufacturing sector. "